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CNC Wood Cutting Services
For one of a kind part or thousands of parts cut to precision, we utilize our state of the art computer software and CNC routing machine to create the parts you need with your choice of any wood species.
Why choose our CNC Cutting Services?

You no longer need your own complete wood shop to turn your dream project into a reality, whether it’s a sculpture or brilliant furniture design.

Our machine operates with a degree of precision that is superb, safe, and helps to lower your cost while increasing quality. From computer-aided designs (CAD) to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) our machines produces consistent and high- quality work. A CNC router can produce a one- off as effectively as repeated identical production while reducing waste

How it's Done

1. We can start with your ideas, hand drawn sketches or computer aided designs (CAD)

 2. We then transfer your design into our computer software which generates the data base for manufacturing. This software is used to increase the productivity of the design and improve its quality. It also allows us to see detail drawings and 3D renderings of your project.

3. Finally the design specifications are translated into a program of instructions from our computer to our CNC machine for cutting. This CNC machine cuts to precisions and with its 10 head traveling tool carousel it can also drill precision holes in any size and pattern.  

The communication between the computer and the cutting machine guaranties that what you see is the drawing is exactly what you get.

Our Partners